Focus on music instead of numbers!

Take control over your orchestra's administration


Teamwork? Pedrillo will help you!

Managing an orchestra requires a lot of effort and can't be done alone. Let Pedrillo be a vital part of your organisation and encourage:

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Collaboration
  • Continuity
  • Professionalisation

How does this Pedrillo work

It is easy to use

Usability is a top priority during the development of Pedrillo, all functionality is self explanatory.

Always available

Wherever you are, Pedrillo is always at your side. All information is accessible online.

Accessible from all devices

Use your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop to connect and use all available features.

And with passion

Are you stuck, do you have a question or a suggestion? Just contact our support team!


Some of the awesome features of Pedrillo

Member Profiles

Keep a detailed profile per member containing personal details, contact details (addresses, email addresses, phone number, ...) and musical details (instruments, skill level, biography, ...).

Orchestras and Groups

Setup different orchestras within your organisation, each can be of a different type and have it's own activities. Create groups that represent teams and comitees within the organisation.

Activities Calendar

Plan (section) rehearsals, concerts, meetings and social gatherings and invite orchestra sections, groups or individuals.

Attendance tracking

Know who will be present at the activities and provide them with all information required.


Digitalise the library with composer profiles and works. Attach the works to activities for the parts to become available to participants.

Member Accounts

Allow members connect with Pedrillo to update their profile, confirm attendance to activities and download their parts.

Document Management (coming soon)

Save important documents in a common place and share these with members or groups.

Webhooks (coming soon)

Integrate with other systems using webhooks that will notify when information changes.


Pedrillo is currently in beta, but that doesn't mean you can't start using it already. Just leave your details and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

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